Saturday, February 1, 2014

Access to information in two clicks - InfoSphere DataClick Series 1

Moving away from DataStage for sometime to discuss other areas of InfoSphere this time. Today discussing quicker data access for enterprises. Enterprises look for trusted information and need is growing daily with increase in volume, variety and velocity of data explode. Organizations cannot wait for weeks or days to get access to the data as need information 'Now' to ensure the success of critical projects and key data analytic initiatives. Organization should enable data access to its user community from all of its data sources without dependencies on Data Integration Teams.

With Information Server 9.1 IBM enhanced its focus on business agility to help organizations utilize the value of their information by making it accessible without any complex setup or large teams. InfoSphere Data Click provided a self-service data integration capability. With Data Click users can get the information they are looking for with few simple clicks. These clicks automate a series of best-practice and offload the required data for user to access. In simple terms Data Click simplified information provisioning process of moving data into new data stores. With Data Click, analysts, data scientists or business users can retrieve data, freeing skilled ETL specialists to focus on complex designs and business core requirements.

Data Click can be used by Architects to generate design and operational metadata to support data lineage and impact analysis. Administrators can define policies to control data integration activities.  Data Click uses ETL capabilities within InfoSphere Information Server. End users can monitor the activity requests through DataStage operations console and once completed can access the offloaded data.

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