Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DataStage Functions and Routines

 DataStage BASIC functions:
A function performs mathematical or string manipulations on the arguments supplied to it, and return a value. Some functions have 0 arguments; most have 1 or more. Arguments are always in parentheses, separated by commas, as shown in this general syntax:FunctionName (argument, argument). These functions can be used in a job controlroutine, which is defined as part of a job’s properties and allows other jobs to berun and controlled from the first job. Some of the functions can also be used for getting status information on the current job; these are useful in active stageexpressions and before- and after-stage subroutine

DataStage Routines:
DataStage Routines are stored in the Routines branch of the Data Stage Repository, where you cancreate, view or edit. The following programming components are classified as routines:Transform functions, Before/After subroutines, Custom UniVerse functions, ActiveX(OLE) functions, Web Service routines.

Here are few functions which provides various features to Developer and Production Team to collect and execute the DataStage Jobs.

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