Monday, October 31, 2011

Deploying assets via IBM InfoSphere Information Server Manager

The work flow for deploying assets by using the IBM® InfoSphere™ Information Server Manager might involve more than one user. In tightly controlled environments with limited access to the target and source systems, a developer performs definition and build steps to write the package to the file system. A production manager (or any user with access to the required target project and the build package) then applies the package to a project on the target system.
Deployed assets are typically read-only in every environment except development. If an error is discovered in a test or production environment that requires a change to an asset, or if an improved implementation of a specific asset (such as a InfoSphere QualityStage ruleset) is created, then the change is made in the development environment and applied to an existing package by rebuilding the package. The updated package can be deployed into an existing project, replacing the corresponding assets. There might be a requirement to revert to an earlier version of a deployment. In this case a previous build of the package is deployed, replacing the corresponding assets.
The following diagram shows the work flow of a created package: 
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