Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is InfoSphere DataStage ASB Packs

ASB(Application Services Backbone) Packs are DataStage Plugin Components that help in transforming and integrating XML and Web Services data.XML Pack v2.0,Web Services Pack v2.0 and Java Pack v2.0 are collectively known as ASB Packs.
Using the Web Services Pack, you can access web service operations within an IBM InfoSphere Information Server DataStage job. Web Services Pack includes plug-in stages and added functionality in WebSphere DataStage Server routines. Refer the link for Job Design with DataStage Web Services PACK
Using XML Pack v2.0,you can perform transformations between XML and relational data.XML Input Stage transforms XML data into relational data.XML Output Stage transforms relational data into XML data.XML Transformer Stage applies a style sheet to the XML data and converts it into HTML data. In this article we will be using XML Input and XML Output Stages only.
Using Java Pack v2.0,you can call external Java applications developed using the Java Pack API from DataStage.
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