Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Data integration with Salesforce CRM using Information Server

Salesforce.com is a CRM application that is widely used by many corporations to manage their data and run their businesses. Connecting to Salesforce through Datastage can be done in different ways. Below is detail based on Salesforce.com Connector.

Software products needed for designing ETL jobs for Salesforce.com

 Apache Axis as external component

Architecture overview
Each software components in Figure 1 plays a different role in designing and executing the ETL jobs for Salesforce.com:
  • The Information Server DataStage Client and IS Salesforce Pack GUI components provide a smart UI to allow users to design ETL jobs, import and export metadata, and set up data operations to be performed on Salesforce.com
  • The Information Server DataStage Server and IS Salesforce Pack server components enable users to schedule and run the ETL jobs.
  • The Information Server Domain Server manages Information Server user accounts and authorization.
  • The Information Server Metadata Repository is a single repository database for storing and sharing metadata definitions.
The Information Server Salesforce Pack includes three major components:
  • Salesforce metadata browser for browsing and importing the definitions of the Salesforce objects from Salesforce.com to DataStage.
  • Salesforce Load Stage for loading data from non-Salesforce data sources to Salesforce.com. It is a Salesforce certified loading solution.
  • Salesforce Extract Stage for extracting data from Salesforce.com to non-Salesforce data sources. It is a Salesforce certified extraction solution. Both Salesforce load and extract stages depend on the Salesforce.com Web service APIs.
 For details please refer detailed article on Salesforce.com Connector

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