Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Converting SAS data to InfoSphere DataStage data

After SAS code has executed, it might be necessary for the SAS interface operator to convert an output SAS data set to the standard InfoSphere DataStage data-set format. This is required if you want to further process the data using the standard InfoSphere DataStage operators, including writing to a database using a database write operator. In order to do this, the operator needs a record schema for the output data set. You can provide a schema for the InfoSphere DataStage data set in one of two ways:
  • Using the -schema option or the -schemaFile option of the sasout operator, you can define a schema definition for the output data set.
  • A persistent parallel SAS data set is automatically converted to an InfoSphere DataStage data set if the next operator in the flow is not a SAS interface operator.
When converting a SAS numeric field to an InfoSphere DataStage numeric, you can get a numeric overflow or underflow if the destination data type is too small to hold the value of the SAS field. You can avoid the error this causes by specifying all fields as nullable so that the destination field is simply set to null and processing continues.

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