Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Converting InfoSphere DataStage data to SAS data

After providing liborch statements to tell the SAS operator where to find the input data set, the operator automatically converts the data set into an SAS data set before executing your SAS code. In order to do so, a SAS interface operator must convert both the field names and the field data types in the input data set.

InfoSphere DataStage supports 32-character field and data set names for SAS Version 8.The SAS interface operators convert data types to corresponding SAS data types. All numeric data types, including integer, float, decimal, date, time, and timestamp, are converted to the SAS numeric data type. Raw and string fields are converted to SAS string fields. Raw and string fields longer than 200 bytes are truncated to 200 bytes, which is the maximum length of a SAS string
For a detailed mapping Please refer the Conversions to SAS Data Types

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