Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why do I need InfoSphere FastTrack

Data warehouses can help companies gain insight into customer behavior, predict sales and determine the profitability of a set of customers or products. However, implementing a data warehouse has traditionally been a time consuming process as it requires to understand Spread Sheet information on Data Transformation Requirements and then create an ETL process for the same.  That is where IBM comes in. By helping companies fast-track their data warehousing initiatives IBM can help deliver dramatically better information that enables innovation and responsiveness. IBM Fast Track project can lay the foundation for both dynamic warehousing and master data management. 
InforSphere FastTrack automates multiple data integration tasks from analysis to code generation, while incorporating the business perspective and maintaining lineage and documented requirements. IBM Information Server FastTrack can help enterprises accelerate the deployment of data integration projects by simplifying and improving the communication process between the business analyst-who thinks in business logic-and the developer-who thinks in code. FastTrack accelerates the design time to create source-to-target mappings and to automatically generate jobs. So can say saves lots of Developer's time earlier consumed for Mappings and Designing jobs. These Mapping and Jobs are then integrated into the metadata repository for IBM InfoSphere Information Server.

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