Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Version Control of DataStage and Quality Stage Jobs

Multiple DataStage and QualityStage developers connect to the same InfoSphere Information Server system, and its metadata repository using Client named Designer. Now when they are working on shared assets it is necessary to store them in Source Control so can store the changes and revert to last checkpoint in case changes impacted the business logic.
With IBM InfoSphere Information Server 8.5 we can manage InfoSphere DataStage and Quality Stage jobs and related assets like metadata and other related designs in enterprise Source Control System. It can be done  using Information Server Manager deployment tool. Tool gives us direct access to CVS (Concurrent Versions System)  and IBM Rational ClearCase. Developers can use deployment tool from their client system and control these Assets.The deployment tool uses an Eclipse workspace, referred to as the source control workspace, as a local transfer area for assets being submitted to the source control system.
Submitting an asset from the metadata repository to your source control system is a two-step process:
  1. Send the asset to the source control workspace.
  2. Submit (Commit) the artifact to the source control system.
Restoring an asset in metadata repository from version in the source control repository is a two-step process:
  1. Tool retrieves asset archive (artifact) from the source control repository.
  2. Tool imports artifact from source control project as asset in metadata repository.
Conceptual relationship between metadata repository, the deployment tool, and the source control : 
Here are details on DataStage Version Control
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