Tuesday, June 21, 2011

InfoSphere DataStage in Telco - Etisalat Egypt

InfoSphere DataStage is extensively used by various Telecom Companies world wide for their ETL process and other Information Server modules being used for Data Cleansing and Data Lineage. Etisalat Egypt is another telecommunication company in the list which provides fixed-line and mobile phone service and a host of 3G offerings, including video calling, mobile TV, mobile broadband Internet and data services. The value of a data warehouse is that it provides a single trusted source for information. 
For data quality and integration teams, loading data from dozens or hundreds of source systems throughout the enterprise into the data warehouse can be challenging. To address the challenge company uses IBM InfoSphere DataStage and other Information Server modules to move data from numerous source systems into its data warehouse. For detailed Case Study and Performance Gains on the process have a look at DataStage in Telecom Domain (Etisalat Egypt)

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