Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sending Notification on specific action via DataStage Jobs

DataStage Job can use notification activity to send email or SMS on DataStage Job Failure or completion or based on any condition mentioned.
  • create notification activity
  • create start loop activity
  • create end loop activity
  • set start loop activity to iterate through a comma separated list of emails
  • set the email recipient field in the notification activity to the counter activity variable of start loop stage
 DataStage Notification Activity Page contains:
• SMTP Mail Server Name where we can provide the server name or its IP or any other Valid Address.
• Senders email address. Given in the form
• Recipients email address where email is to be sent to, given in the form of This address can be used to send SMS by providing details as provided by Service Provider. 
• Email subject to provide the text to appear as the email subject.
• Attachments for the files to be sent with the email. Specify a path name, or a comma-separated list of path names. Can use Parameter as well
• Email body where the message we want to send
• Include job status in email to provide job status information in the message.
• Do not checkpoint notification can be used to specify that DataStage does not record checkpoint information for this particular notification operation. It means if a job later in the sequence fails, and the sequence is restarted, this notification operation will be re executed regardless of the fact that it was executed successfully before. This option is only visible if the sequence as a whole is checkpointed.
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