Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Parameter Sets a time saving Feature for DataStage Developers

InfoSphere DataStage has a great function called Parameter Sets which allows to group job parameters and store default values in files. With the help of Parameter Sets,

Developers and companies can group a set of related parameters together and add them in one click to any Sequence or Server or Parallel DataStage job and maintain them from a single parameter definition.It also reduce efforts to create Sequence jobs and Shared Containers. It reduces efforts required when we add a Server or Parallel job to a Sequence Job as need to set less properties provided both jobs are synchronizing parameters via Parameter Sets. When you add a Shared Container to a job you only need to link in the Parameter Set name and not each individual parameter.

You can take the storage of parameter values completely out of the hands of individual sequence, server or parallel jobs and put them into centralised files or objects.
To elaborate usually we have 10 job parameters per job once you have file, database, processing, date and source system job parameters. Add this job onto a Sequence job canvas you've got to pass through every parameter value via manual clicks, it takes 10 clicks to add and configure a job. Time consuming when you just want to throw together a Sequence job for some testing. With ParameterSet you do one value per ParameterSet rather than one value per Parameter - many less clicks and less efforts over the period. Easy to manage as well.

Here is detailed Information on how to create and use Parameter Sets.
How to Create, Use and Maintain DataStage Parameter Sets

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