Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Note on Error Handling in Datastage Job Design

There are multiple ways to handle Errors in Data or in DataStage Jobs.

We can use the Reject link Option via Transformer Stage and also Reject Link Option from within Connector Stages. If we face issue in Job Sequences, We can use the "Exception Handler" activity. Here is how we can call use this activity from with in DataStage Job Sequence.

You can check the Check box named "Automatically handle activities that fail" at properties of master sequence. As you might want to have a Check Point, check "Restart job from the failure point".

In DataStage Job sequence use a exception handler activity. Post exception handler activity can include a email notification activity (same for SMS). On Job Failure the handle will go to the exception handler activity and an email/SMS willl be sent notifying the user that a sequence has failed. It also provides information on failure code as we select part of Job Design.
More on "How to use Notification Activity" in next one.

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